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Beeks Bespoke creations are all completely unique in design made to specific desires and ideas of each client. We believe that all bodies are completely unique, often asymmetrical and therefore only made to measure will ever provide perfect fit and maximum comfort. All of our bespoke garments are part of ‘slow fashion’ and are produced sweat shop free. They are timeless and will be cherished, admired and can be worn for many years to come.


Don’t forget that bespoke and couture pieces take a lot of time and skill to create. All involve researching patterns and materials; sourcing of fittings and embellishments, so allow plenty of time before your special occasion - ideally no less than 6 months. Every new corset also needs ‘seasoning’ of moderate lacing, gradually being tightened for some 2-4 weeks before they can be worn fully laced.


Clients will need to attend measuring and fitting sessions (most commonly minimum of 2 - one in toile and one of near finished garment (the measuring and fitting sessions in comfort of your own home are available for a charge)).


Express service may be available - depending on how busy we are and additional charges may apply.


We welcome all LGBT and crossdressing people.


To find out more about how your garment will be created please visit our CREATIVE PROCESS section.




Please note : We do not make copies of others designs. Pictures of other designers work may be used as a part of mood boards to illustrate colours, fastenings, detail, shape etc. for inspiration but will not be replicated under any circumstances. 

 Bespoke Corsets

Corset is a unique garment which rather than adopting itself into the body’s shape moulds the body into it’s own shape and by hugging the figure tightly enhances and provides support. Each of our corsets are made to your unique measurements and to your specific desires, individually designed and with pattern made from scratch. For a bespoke corset you need to be available for mock up fittings. Our bespoke corsets are made using finest and best quality fabrics, silks, corsetiers coutille and according to your requirement lace, beads and other embellishment. Each corset will typically have at least 24 steal bones (combinations of spiral steel bones and flat steel boning) eyelets, back lacing modesty panel, waist tape and edges are neatly finished with bias. If you are not used to wearing corsets they may feel more restrictive and rigid than commercial fashionable clothing


All corsets are priced individually based on complexity and embellishment

  • Under-bust : basic, starting at 350.00 Euros

  • With lace applique, hand painted silk, matched pattern on fabric or beading, starting at 490.00 Euros

  • Over-bust: basic, starting at 650.00 Euros

  • With lace applique, hand painted silk, matched pattern of fabric or beading starting 790.00 Euros

 Bespoke Bridal ,occassion wear and tailoring

  • Like corsets, these are made to your specific measurements and requirements

  • Beeks Bespoke signature bridal gowns are for brides that dare to be different

  • We are specializing in hand painted silk gowns with additions of lace which also can be hand painted to your desired shade of colour, crystals and fresh water pearls creates an extra dimension

  • Make them light and flowy or with big crinoline as you desire

  • Personalized corset and skirt combination based on our designs start at 1200.00 Euros hand painted silk gowns start at 3000.00 Euro (not corseted) and 4500.00 Euro (corseted)

  • Bespoke tailored pieces star at 790.00 Euro


Remember Custom gowns take long time so please contact us at least 6 months prior to your big day

 Bespoke Costume and Extravagant attire

  • With background in theatre costume and vast knowledge and collection of historical patterns we can create most exquisite any period inspired costume for your themed ball

  • Beeks Bespoke also creates matching accessories in highest quality

 Handpainted Silk Scarves

We make custom  hand painted scarves for you. Created in-house, the design is drawn from scratch according to your requirements and ideas onto best quality silks and finished with a hand rolled hem.


The orientation prices for scarves are :

Peacock and Moon Scarf -                                           £230

White and Green Peacock -                                          £350

Art Nouveau Inspired Scarf -                                     £550

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