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Initial consultation

This is all about inspiration and collaboration. You’ll discuss your vision and concepts with us. You are welcome to bring any images that inspire you, create mood boards with ideas of colours, shapes and textures. We will produce 3-5 design drawing ideas for you to choose from. Once you’re happy with what you see, we’ll take your measurements and can get started. 

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Choose your fabric

From luscious silks to delicate hand painted silks, rich linens, or luxurious wools, to beaded fabrics and lace, fur and leather, it’s time to choose the fabric for your design. You can follow our recommendations of most suitable materials use for your design. We can source for you the best fabric from suppliers we use but at the same time we will be happy to work with fabrics you already own or if you wish to source yourself.

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Your toile fittings

Once your design has been established your toile will be made. Toile is a mock-up of your finished garment made in cheap cotton which will help you to visualise your garment, and also allows us to fit it perfectly to your body and achieve the most accurate proportions and shape .You can request any changes to your design and finalize it before we progress onto making the garment from your chosen fabric.

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Making your garment and finishing touches

Depending on the complexity of your design, your garment will be made in few stages – this may involve a few more fittings. If your garment consists from several layers/ undergarments we will start with the ones closest to your body and build outwards. Once the main features are right we will add the lavish lace beads or other details that will bring the garment to the life. 

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